Friday, July 8, 2011

John Wayne!

So we had a wonderful dinner the other night, and I got to meet someone really special. The one and only John Wayne!

You're probably thinking about the famous western cowboy, but I'm talking about a gold fish. Yes a goldfish named John Wayne. Not just any ordinary goldfish though! I learned John Wayne was the lone survivor in this pond from the past winter here in Bozeman, Montana! It survived the entire winter and is still going strong! Trapped under a sheet of frozen ice for months with I'm sure little food and a freezing cold environment! How did he do it?! Psh I have no idea, but I know he is still alive! haha

I think we each are like John Wayne the goldfish! All of us in our lives have hard times. Times where we feel trapped under the surface with no way out. A busy schedule that doesn't allow us to escape from the world. Situations or accidents that affect us, but that we don't have control over. Sometimes we feel alone. Maybe we're confused and don't know what we're really doing or where we are headed.

Each person has personal challenges and concerns. No matter what they are though the Savior and His teachings—the gospel—will help you. It will enable you to improve the quality of your lives. It will help you deal with the problems and challenges that we all face in life.

I hope that each of us can learn a lesson from John Wayne the goldfish and become stronger than we were yesterday. To face our difficulties and trials with faith and rely on the Lord for strength! To perservere and be courageous when times are hard. To face adversity with a smile and a cheerful heart. It's my prayer that if we do, when we look back, these experiences were the greatest moments of growth and development. That we gained a personal relationship with our Savior Jesus Christ! We will cherish them for the lessons learned and how they made us who we are today!

"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."
Philippians 4:13


  1. go john Wayne you the man or should is say fish

  2. Actually, I'm pretty sure John Wayne survived by eating the flesh of his buddies that died over the winter from exposure. Also, he's a koi, not a gold fish. But it's still a nice tale of endurance and perseverance regardless.