Saturday, January 28, 2012

Don't forget to check yourself!

So I've been thinking about the world we live in today and how easy it is for us to sin or fall short with so many distractions and temptations fighting for our attention. It's pretty ridiculous if you ask me! I can hardly walk down the sidewalk without seeing something offensive or vulgar.

 I was reading in my scriptures the other day and came across this verse, from the prophet Mormon in the Book of Mormon. He gives this counsel for every single one of us. This is what he says...

"Be wise....'strip yourself' of all uncleanness."
-Mormon 9:28

What in the world does it mean to 'strip yourself of all uncleanness' ?

Well hopefully this will help you understand! I've just taken the word 'strip' and created an acronym with it!

Stop : Take a second to ponder the things you think about, the things you say, and of course the things you do!
Think : How do these things affect you? Are they uplifting and wholesome? Do they inspire you and drive you to become better? Is it satisfying a need, diminishing the spirit? Do you justify your actions or make excuses? Do you feel like you have to hide what you're doing or do it in private?
Realize & Respond : If anything you're doing is wrong or not beneficial for you, realize that you can make a change in your life and make it right.
Implement : Make a list of things you could do to change these things in your life. Whether it's refraining from a certain group of friends, doing different activities, making new hobbies, etc.
Press Forward : Our change for good has to be greater than our desire for sin. As you make changes, rely on the Lord's help and strive each day to become cleaner!

Remember that each day is a new day! Wake up each morning with a stronger determination to do a little more to become a little better! I know you can do it!