Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What Did You Say?!

This blog I want all of us to go back to those glorious days where we took peanut butter and jelly in a brown bag to lunch and had an hour for recess! Yes I'm talking about those wonderful days of school :)

We all had a teacher in our classroom. On the first day they would go over what the rules of their classroom were, how we were supposed to behave, what would make us good students, etc. Throughout the year they taught, instructed, supervised and helped us to become the best students we could be! Sometimes we listened to the teacher and other times we didn't.

So why in the world did we even have teachers? We knew what to do didn't we? I'm sure you can think back and remember what would happen in a classroom the minute your teacher walked out of your classroom can't you?! Everyone went chaotic huh? At least in my class they would! Kids would pull out their phones, paper airplanes would be flying, friends started talking to each other, and on and on! Just think for a second what it was like when your teachers left the room! What happened to those rules that were there for us to follow and make us successful? We threw them out the door with the teacher! haha

This is exactly how it was and has always been when God has called a prophet as well! A prophets role is primarily to testify and teach of Christ. They also instruct us on matters that are necessary for our salvation, they prophecy of things to come, they interpret scripture and most of all lead us on the path of righteousness! Like a teacher in a classroom, the prophet provides the way for us to be successful in our lives. The way to find happiness and eventually return home to our Heavenly Father. We can either choose to accept and follow his direction and counsel or choose to disregard it. It's up to us.

I testify that God has once again has called a prophet in our time. We don't have to be like the students in that chaotic room. The heavens are still opened and God speaks to us just as in times past! His name is Thomas S. Monson and I'm proud to say he has been called of God to lead and guide us in this troubled world!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

What Is That?!

Ever seen some of these things before?! This is what we would call, SHOE TREES! You stick them in your shoes to keep the form! It's like the cardboard and paper in your shoe when you first get new shoes.

While on my mission, I've been asked so many times what these things are and then have to go into this whole explanation of what they are, why I use them and so forth. They may look really odd, out of place and pointless, but once you understand the purpose and the stability they will give to your dress shoes, you really can't go without them! 

Missionaries shoes get dented, wrinkled, oddly shaped, loose and so on from countless of hours walking each day. Mine on the other hand stay firm, tight, formed and still look brand new after a year and a half! How do I do it? I use shoe trees! 

If these shoe trees were related to anything it would be to the gospel! At first glance you might think, "How in the world is going to church, praying, reading my scriptures or helping others really supposed to help me?" Once you try it out and apply them, they begin to have a whole new meaning to you! The gospel will support you when you feel all has fallen or is lost. It will bring stability to a hectic and busy life. It will strengthen you in times of trial and agony. The gospel of Jesus Christ will truly mold you into what our Father in Heaven wants you to become!  

Using the shoe trees or applying the gospel in your life doesn't mean you will never have any troubles or worries in your life. The gospel will simply allow you to deal with the obstacles in your life to overcome and solve them, while others fret and stress over the simple wrinkles in life. So you could use shoe trees if you'd like to, but more importantly, use the gospel of Jesus Christ in your life! You will be amazed how it will support and strengthen you :) I know it will because it has ALWAYS helped me!