Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Go Sister GO!

Number 1...
 Number 2!
Last weekend my younger sister graduated!! I've been so excited and proud of her :) Not only did she graduate, but she graduated a full year early! I remember the day when she came in my room and said, "Justin I want to graduate early like you did! Can you help me figure a way to do it?" If I remember right the first thing I did was chuckle, and replied, "I will, but it won't be easy! You will have to dedicate yourself and keep on truckin' even when you have a rough day." She was more than willing and I could tell the desire she had to accomplish the goal she now wished to conquer! 

Just because we graduate, achieve or accomplish something doesn't quite mean that life is all good and we don't have to worry about anything else. I came to that realization after I graduated! haha I thought life would be so much easier and a breeze til' I realized I now had new challenges and obstacles to overcome and things to accomplish! I'm so happy for all the things I've been able to learn and accomplish in my life and get so excited when I see my family and younger siblings do the same!

As you can see in both pictures, our parents are right by our sides! I'm so grateful for them and the examples they have been to us and the unending support they've provided us throughout our lives!
Our family motto is... 
Parr's Never Quit!
and we strive to live by that each day of our lives!
"I never said it would be easy. I said that it would be worth it!"

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