Thursday, June 9, 2011


Sometimes I have questions that I have NO idea what the answer is. Or I have an answer, but it doesn't make sense to me? I'm sure you've been in the same spot too! Sometimes I want to know the exact solution to a problem, or why something has happened to me or someone else. Why this and why that. I tend to find when I ask "why" I usually don't receive an answer to those questions or prayers and it frustrates me! I read a scripture this morning that enlightened me on why I don't receive those answers I look for when I want to know why....

"..believe that man doth not comprehend all the things which the Lord can comprehend."
     -Mosiah 4:9

I felt that we don't HAVE to know "why" behind everything. Often times the Lord wants us to learn and ask different questions like, What can I learn from this experience? What significance does this play in my life? What lesson should be learned from the trial I'm in now? What changes could I make to align my life in better harmony with Christ's teachings?

When change our questions from "why" and look for what he wants us to learn, do, experience, etc we will begin to receive answers to our deepest thoughts, desires and prayers :) I know I have in my life and I know you can as well!

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