Friday, June 3, 2011

Can't Get Rid Of That "Pop up" ?

Have you ever had "pop up" on your computer and you just "X" it off your screen. Then a few moments later it pops back up? Then again and again and it just keeps driving you crazy? You keep on closing it and it just keeps on coming back? To the point it's just overwhelming? Did you feel like there was no way you were ever going to get rid of it and be able to not worry about it coming back?

Well "pop ups" are just like sins or things we do in our life. Where at times we want to get rid of them and stop or change our actions, but it just seems too hard. We keep slipping up and continue to fall into the same trap over and over again. Feeling that there is no way to overcome whatever it is that we are doing wrong or rid ourselves of the feeling of guilt and shame we have from our actions. You're not alone! I've been there too!

Just like "pop ups" you have to have the knowledge of how to change the settings on your computer to stop them from popping up instead of continually closing the "pop up" allowing it to pop back up later! The same is with our sins and faults. We can't just keep saying, "Man I wish I wouldn't do that anymore." or "I'll do my best to not do it tomorrow, today is the last time." That is the same as just closing the "pop up." The process by which we can change our actions forever and stop doing the things we wish we wouldn't is called REPENTANCE!

Our Savior, Jesus Christ, suffered for all of our sins, faults, imperfections and short comings in order to help us repent! When we repent we have a true desire to change and rely on Christ's atonement for strength and help in the process to change! Sometimes it takes time and it isn't easy, but when we repent the correct way, those "pop ups" that once drove us crazy will no longer be there! We can be cleansed from our sins and be freed from our guilt and shame!

I know that repentance is real because I've used it in my own life many times! I have been cleansed of wrongs in the past and continue to use repentance every day of my life! I encourage all who read this to take a step back and look at your life and see what changes you can make to follow our Savior, Jesus Christ, more fully :)

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