Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hole in One

Well I received an email from my dad this week and I've been thinking alot about what he said,

 "I was thinking the other day when I was playing golf that what seems to bring back most amateurs is that one shot out of 100 that looked and felt perfect!"

I believe he is right, because I know that's the reason I continue to play golf is because of that one shot, one putt or one par for the hole! I think we can apply this in each of our lives. Sometimes there are things that we do where we feel the same way! Maybe it's that one act of service we did that drives us to continue to serve others. Maybe it's that one time we worked hard for something and achieved it! Maybe that one recipe that turned out perfect. The one answered phone call you made. Maybe a decision you felt was perfect!

There are many things that keep us going, and sometimes we only have to feel or experience it once to have a desire to continue feel that same way again! I've had many instances of this relating it to the gospel. The one prayer that God answered that keeps me praying. The one time I read the scriptures and felt is was written just for me. The one time someone taught me something about the gospel I did not know and many many more!

If you're discouraged or disappointed, remember that one time when you felt what you were doing was right and press forward with faith :)

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