Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Smack Dab In The Middle!

As I come to the close of my mission, I've pondered and reflected on the many lessons and experiences I've had! What a journey it has been. Many people have been asking me however, "How do you feel almost being done with your mission?" Elder Uchtdorf explains it best ;)

"There will be moments of beginnings and moments of endings throughout our lives, but these are only markers along the way of the great middle of our eternal lives. Whether we are at the beginning or the end, whether we are young or old, the Lord can use us for His purposes if we simply set aside whatever thoughts limit our ability to serve and allow His will to shape our lives.

Being always in the middle means that the game is never over, hope is never lost, defeat is never final. For no matter where we are or what our circumstances, an eternity of beginnings and an eternity of endings stretch out before us."

Wherever we may be in our lives, never forget that we're only in the middle! Be happy with where you are and find joy in the journey :)

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