Thursday, March 8, 2012

What Is That?!

Ever seen some of these things before?! This is what we would call, SHOE TREES! You stick them in your shoes to keep the form! It's like the cardboard and paper in your shoe when you first get new shoes.

While on my mission, I've been asked so many times what these things are and then have to go into this whole explanation of what they are, why I use them and so forth. They may look really odd, out of place and pointless, but once you understand the purpose and the stability they will give to your dress shoes, you really can't go without them! 

Missionaries shoes get dented, wrinkled, oddly shaped, loose and so on from countless of hours walking each day. Mine on the other hand stay firm, tight, formed and still look brand new after a year and a half! How do I do it? I use shoe trees! 

If these shoe trees were related to anything it would be to the gospel! At first glance you might think, "How in the world is going to church, praying, reading my scriptures or helping others really supposed to help me?" Once you try it out and apply them, they begin to have a whole new meaning to you! The gospel will support you when you feel all has fallen or is lost. It will bring stability to a hectic and busy life. It will strengthen you in times of trial and agony. The gospel of Jesus Christ will truly mold you into what our Father in Heaven wants you to become!  

Using the shoe trees or applying the gospel in your life doesn't mean you will never have any troubles or worries in your life. The gospel will simply allow you to deal with the obstacles in your life to overcome and solve them, while others fret and stress over the simple wrinkles in life. So you could use shoe trees if you'd like to, but more importantly, use the gospel of Jesus Christ in your life! You will be amazed how it will support and strengthen you :) I know it will because it has ALWAYS helped me! 

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