Thursday, December 22, 2011

What's in your present?!

Christmas time is filled with excitement, anticipation, holiday cheer, food, family and of course presents! I remember many sleepless Christmas Eve nights anticipating what I would wake up and find in the morning underneath the tree for me! Was it a new bike? A brand new football? The newest ipod? Or maybe even a puppy!

My mind was always cluttered with what I was going to get for Christmas. I had made sure everyone around me knew what I wanted so my wish list wasn't forgotten! I'm sure you could relate too ;)

Well what if we were to open our gifts this year and they were empty? Would we look like this child?!

Or would we smile knowing we gave others everything we could and didn't need anything in return?

I know we can get caught up in everything WE want for Christmas, but this year let's see what others around us stand in need of and forget ourselves for once! It's better to give than receive :)

A gift given is a gift that will always be remembered :)

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