Thursday, April 7, 2011

Joyful Celebration!

 I found out this week my great grandfather passed away :/ With this news it made reflect on all the memories we shared together and his great spirit! It also allowed me to recognize and appreciate the time we have in this life. To take each day like it's your last! Although sad and depressing it may be, I am able to find peace, comfort and joy with the knowledge of the gospel. I am able to joyfully celebrate his life and all that he was able to accomplish :) As Job once asked in the Old Testament, "If a man die, may he live again?" The answer is YES!! Through the atonement of Jesus Christ, He overcame death and was resurrected, for the very purpose and reason that we may live again as Christ lives today and have the opportunity to live with God again! I'm so grateful for what the Savior did for each of us and especially the knowledge of God's plan for each one of us in the plan of salvation. That I know the purpose of this life and what is to come after :) I know for a surety that I will be able to see him again! He is at rest from his worldly cares and in the presence of God! I love you Papa!

"We live to die and die to live AGAIN!"

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  1. Elder Parr,

    This blog is AMAZING!!!! Thank you for sharing it with me and to the blogger world. You are such a huge optimistic. You always look on the bright side of things that go bad. I love that. You WILL see your Papa someday when you go to the Kingdom of Heaven. I love you so much Elder Parr and keep being strong through this. I know what your going through.